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"Black-ish" Reviews:

"This episode scrambles onto firmer footing when Zoey meets Miriam (the delightful Mallory Sparks)" -VULTURE

"Zoey’s chemistry with her new friend Miriam was the highlight of the episode...Mallory Sparks’ Miriam feels like she would fit into both the traditional world of Black-ish and Zoey’s spin-off. The character felt more developed...and I’d love to see how she plays off of Dre, Junior, and Bow." -AV CLUB

"College-ish showed some strong characters in the teaser episode, Chris Parnell as the Dean, Matt Walsh as the University President, Trevor Jackson as Aaron, and best of all Mallory Sparks as Miriam (and Zoey's new best friend)" -KONBINI

"Black-ish" Episode, "Liberal Arts"

ABC Press Release for "Black-ish" Season 3, Episode 23, "Liberal Arts"


"Being Apart. Together.

Two talented artists talk to fusfoo about how they produced their first web series."

Bushwick Film Festival

Bushwick Film Festival Official Lineup

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